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‘Women in the group not only expand their business network but also their minds, bodies and souls.’

Deer Park

“After over two decades of leadership and management roles for corporate companies and then getting married and having my two girls, I decided I wanted to ground myself and create a home-based business so I could be a mom and a business owner at the same time.

“I built a successful business over the next 10 years and created communities of women and mammas all over Long Island, but I was always looking for new ways to network.

“In the summer of 2019, I met my now business partner on a business trip, and she told me about a networking organization she created in New Jersey for women. I thought, we need this on Long Island! I had been part of other networking groups that were very male-dominated. They mostly consisted of men in business suits at diners at 7 a.m. It was honestly pretty boring and didn’t benefit me or my business.

“In November 2019, I started Babes in Business Long Island, a networking community for female entrepreneurs or any woman who has an entrepreneurial spirit. Women in the group not only expand their business network but also their minds, bodies and souls.

“Our networking events help women meet others who will support their businesses, but these events are also really fun. We meet in a social setting and have food, drinks and shopping with women-owned and operated businesses from all over Long Island. We support each other’s businesses, but we also make close friendships.

When COVID hit, there were no in-person events, but our community expanded very quickly online. I took to Instagram every day, interviewing a female business owner. We grew to 4,000 members during COVID, but now have over 10,000. What I love most about Babes in Business is that it provides the opportunity for women to connect in powerful ways.

“Many of our members started new businesses with the women they met at our events. We have every type of business represented, from real estate to clothing stores to mortgage brokers – you name it. It’s a safe space for women to grow, sharing not only their successes but their challenges. They become part of something that is bigger than themselves.”

Interviewed by Jenna Kern – Rugile