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‘My readings are hopeful, inspiring, and with a lot of laughter and memories.’

Bay Shore

“My channel opened up 15 years ago as a spiritual medium. I started meditating and started taking classes and revealing my faulty thoughts. Once you remove your faulty thoughts, what you now have is clarity. We now have a gift to the divine; we can hear spirit.

“My husband had colon cancer that spread to his liver. He passed in 2015, but before he did, I realized I could hear him speak to me while he was intubated.

“The doctor asked me if I wanted to take the tube out. My husband wasn’t awake, and I heard him say to me, ‘Please take the tube out, I have more to say.’ I told the doctor to take the tube out, he looked at me to say, ‘He could die tonight.’

“I had my best friend who’s a doctor of metaphysics and has taught me so much, and my sister-in-law, with me, and I told them, ‘I hear Doug.’ After the doctor took the tube out, Doug woke up with a tear in his eye.

It gives me joy to give to others and be a facilitator.

“Thank you for hearing me, I have more to say,’ he said. He had another five weeks. He could have passed without ever speaking again, but because I could hear him, I could help him.

“It made me realize what a gift this is, and that I know that others can develop it as well. People hear that I could hear my husband; now people with family in a certain space ask me, ‘Can you hear them?’ and I can.

“I have used my clear channel for hearing special needs children who can’t talk. I can help parents in that way; I’m a consultant for special education children.

“It just makes life so much more exciting. My readings are hopeful, inspiring, and with a lot of laughter and memories.

“I always bring in food. If your grandma put a large pot of sauce on the stove and had that cooking for the entire day, that will certainly come through. I had a reading where sauerbraten came through, I told the woman, ‘It’s in a pot, it cooks for like a week, it’s meat.’ I’d never had it and she said, ‘It’s sauerbraten!’ I love to hear spirit, I love to know that spirit is connecting with a loved one. It gives me joy to give to others and be a facilitator.

“Spirit and God want us to take our chances. They don’t want us to sit; they want us to move and live our lives. I could have sat for the last seven years, but I have chosen not to.”

Interviewed by Rachel O’Brien – Morano