Faces of Long Island celebrates the uniqueness of everyday Long Islanders. In their own words, they tell us about their life experiences, challenges and triumphs. Newsday launched this social media journey into the human experience to shine a light on the diverse people of this wonderful place we call home.

‘I found a lot of solace being out on the water, offering a sense of freedom and a connection with nature.’

Steven Faber, Great Neck

“Soon after starting my career in the garment industry working in Manhattan and getting married, we looked for a house on Long Island. After looking at several houses in Great Neck, our broker suggested taking at look at Steppingstone Park. There’s a beautiful waterfront park with views of Stepping Stones Lighthouse, the Throgs Neck Bridge and NYC skyline views with sunsets that are just amazing.

“Shortly after moving, I discovered my love for being out on the water, learning to sail, owning a kayak and a motorboat. I found a lot of solace being out on the water, offering a sense of freedom and a connection with nature. I found myself trying to get on the water as often as possible. It is a fantastic way to unwind, de-stress and recharge. I would often feel like I was coming back from vacation after being on the water. One the biggest challenges was finding people to go out with me every day.

I am always meeting new and diverse people.

“Fast-forward 30 years, the business that I loved became thankless and very stressful. It was time to change my life, I got my captain’s license and started Captain Steve’s Sailing Experience. It brought me great joy to be working on sharing my love for being on the water. I am always meeting new and diverse people. I get to share birthdays, bachelorette parties, retirement celebrations and get-togethers. Wedding proposals are the most special! I get goose bumps every time someone comes on my boat to propose.

“I find it very fulfilling to watch people experience the beauty and thrill of sailing. There is nothing like the feeling when the sails are unfurled, the engine is turned off and the wind powers the boat across the water. Many people have a fear of sailing and sea sickness, but there is little to worry about. We sail a protected body of water with land always in sight.

“I sail Manhasset Bay, Gatsby’s East Egg and West Egg, then we sail the western Long Island Sound bordered by the Bronx and Westchester on one side and Long Island and Queens on the other. Guests are greeted by an amazing view of the NYC skyline and Throgs Neck Bridge.

“Now instead of hearing about production and delivery issues, I hear, ‘That was amazing, best day ever.’ To be paid to do what you love, isn’t that the dream?”

Interviewed by Liza Burby