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‘I literally heard in my ear, “You were visited by an angel.” I immediately got chills.’


“Throughout my life, I had tiny psychic experiences. I would see different figures in my house and things like that. My mom shared with me that when she was younger, she had experiences, too. But she would always tell me, don’t speak to them, keep ignoring it, and things like that, because she built up this fear. Also, it’s very taboo in a lot of cultures and traditions.

“I had a difficult childhood. I was a first-generation American—my parents are from Guyana—and I grew up in a divorced household. On top of that, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I developed depression, and in a way, shut myself out from the world. And eventually, a lot of psychics do this, I ended up closing off my abilities as I went into high school. Then, I went away to college in upstate New York and was extremely depressed, almost to the point of suicidal. I was just embodying all of the sadness.

“Difficult things that happened to me —feeling unsupported, unloved, family issues; I was bullied in high school for being a little bit different—these things accumulated inside, and I didn’t know where to go for help. One day, I almost committed suicide. I was lying in my bed and felt this darkness over me like I couldn’t go on anymore. I went to sleep, and about an hour later, woke up and saw a single stream of light coming into my door and then saw this light figure. It said to me, ‘Don’t worry, everything’s going to be OK. We’re going to take care of you.’ And I remember feeling the greatest sense of relief I’ve ever felt in my life, this wave of peace and calm. There were tears in my eyes. I literally heard in my ear, ‘You were visited by an angel.’ I immediately got chills. From that moment on, I started to view things a little bit differently and open myself up to healing.

“When I went back home to Long Island, I ended up feeling compelled to seek out a teacher. So, I ended up connecting with two psychic mentors. The first time I saw one of the psychics, she was at this event with 150 people. She came up to me after and said, ‘I see that you have some potential,’ and gave me an invitation to join her class.”

Often, when the spirits come through, they give us messages of hope. What you think is deep sadness doesn’t matter in the long run.

“I immediately took off and blossomed in her class. I was being validated in so many ways. It was such a healing process to discover this connection to the other side. Often, when the spirits come through, they give us messages of hope. What you think is deep sadness doesn’t matter in the long run. And I just started viewing life in such a different way and really dedicating myself to realizing that this could potentially help to heal other people, too.

“My teacher taught me this incredible technique called psychic surgery. It’s a mixture of hypnotherapy techniques along with energy healing. It’s this concept that whenever you experience trauma in your life, there’s some sort of stagnant energy inside you. I actually ended up doing this with her when I was healing my depression. And it’s so wild because you literally see a somatic shape that’s inside of you and all of these emotions that are trapped. So often, we try to bury our pain. It’s empowering to acknowledge these negative words inside of us and release them.

“Sometimes I get naysayers on social media. They’re like, ‘You know this isn’t true.’ I often say to those people who are just one hundred percent disbelievers: ‘How do you know your answers?’ There’s so much about this universe that is unknown. And I think there’s beauty in that unknowingness and just tapping into yourself to find out what the answers are. And that’s what I essentially believe: that we all have the ability to tap into our own spirituality and find out what we believe in through our hearts.

“It’s important for everyone to step into their power because so many people are hiding in the shadows because they’re scared. I think that’s the message: not being afraid to go for your dreams, even if it’s something that seems so strange and out there. Because five years ago, for me to say to myself, ‘You’re going to go on social media and tell people that you communicate with the spirit world,’ I would be like, no way! Especially having been bullied and teased early in my life, to move past those negative barriers and be like, all right, I’m ready to share. I’m ready to empower other people. I think there’s nothing more beautiful than that.”

Interviewed by Jay Max